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ХIII “BILA TSERKVA MARATHON” Open Championship of Ukraine in marathon - October 2, 2016


Welcome to Ukraine!

"Bila Tserkva marathon" is waiting for You!

In the framework of the XI "Bila Tserkva marathon" in addition to the basic distance 42km 195m you may participate at such races:
  • half marathon (21,141 km);
  • 5 miles (5,274 km);
  • team relay (stages: 4 to 5 miles (5,274 km)) for adults;
  • 2 miles (2,270 km) for children 10 - 17 years,
  • 1/3 mile (0,340 km) for children 7 to 9 years and
  • 10 fathoms (21,34 m) for children up to 7 years.

The regulations for the XII "Bila Tserkva marathon"

I. Goals and objectives

1. Promotion of athletics as a sport and a healthy lifestyle.

2. The development of species stamina and health run.

3. Increases sportsmanship leading athletes.

4. The establishment of international friendship ties.

5. Improvement of Ukraine's image as a sport nation.

II. The guidance of the competition

The General management, control of the preparation and holding of competitions is carried out by the Department of physical culture and sports of Bila Tserkva city Council. Competitions are carried out by the athletics Federation of the city and the ground jury.

III. Place and date of the competition

Competitions will be held on 02.10.2016, in Bila Tserkva. The competitions will start at:

10.00 - 1/3 mile; 10.05 - 2 miles; 10.30 - marathon, half-marathon and 10 miles; 11.30 - 10 fathoms.
Start - the main entrance of the dendrological park «Alexandriya»

IV. Participants

The Ukrainian and the foreign athletes are participating in the competition. Athletes and everyone who wants to participate in the races deviated by age categories:

marathon, half-marathon and 5 miles

Category I - 18-39 years, Category VI - 60-64 years

Category II - 40-44 years, Category VII - 65-69 years,

Category III - 45-49 years, Category VIII - 70-74 years,

Category IV - 50-54 years, Category IX - 75-79 years,

Category V - 55-59 years, Category X- 80 years and older.

team relay 4x5 kilometers

18 years and older.

2 mile (2,270 km)

Children 10 - 17 years.

1/3 mile (0,340 km)

Children 7-9 years.

10 fathoms (21,34 m)

Children 1 - 6 years.

Each competitor must have a doctor approval to participate in the competition (help any treating institution of arbitrary shape). The time to overcome a distance is of 5 h 30 min. Track closing is at 16.00. Athletes who did not fit in the control time, will be removed from the race.

V. Awarding

• The winners of the marathon, half marathon and 10 miles race, in each age category (separately for men and women), and marathon relay will be awarded with cash prizes and other prizes (see Annex).

• All participants of the marathon and half marathon will receive a commemorative paraphernalia of the race, and after the finishing their distances they will also receive a diploma with the result and a commemorative medal.

• All participants at the marathon and race of 5 miles will receive a commemorative attributes of the race, and after finishing their distances they will also receive a diploma with their result.


§  Winners in the team relay 4x5 kilometers are defined without regard to gender and age categories and will be awarded with valuable prizes (see. Appendix).

• All participants of the children's races at 2 miles, 1/3 mile and 10 fathoms will be awarded with gifts of the National Olympic Committee and sponsors of the competition, and the winners will be awarded with prizes. Participants at the children's races at 2 miles, 1/3 mile, which have registered and received an electronic chip at the end will also have a diploma with the result.

VI. Financial conditions of participation in the competition:

* marathon – 200 UAH if you will pay till 29.09.2016 and 400 UAH if you will pay at the day of Marathon; the participants of the open championship of Ukraine do not have to pay this start fee;

• half marathon - 150 UAH if you will pay till 29.09.2016 and 400 UAH if you will pay at the day of Marathon;

• 5 miles - 50 UAH if you will pay till 29.09.2016 and 100 UAH if you will pay at the day of Marathon ;

• 2 miles, 1/3 mile – 1 UAH if you will pay till 29.09.2016 you will receiving your personal number and special cheap to fix your result


§  10 fathoms - free.

The start payment and the security deposit you can pay after registering on the website.

Athletes who have the result in 2015-2016 of: women 2.38.00 men 2.16.00 and faster, are covered by Bila Tserkva Marathon. The covering includes the accommodation and meals during the days of competition.

Conditions of transfer, accommodation and food for the foreign competitors can be negotiated separately.

²². The terms and conditions of enrollment

• This provision is the official invitation to XII "bila Tserkva marathon»;

• Pre-registration on the website www.bc-marathon.org.ua from 01.08 till 29.09.2016.

• 01.10.2015 Registration and seed packets for participants of 2016 will be in the hall of hotel "ROS" (Boulevard 50 let Pobedu, 94) from 10.00 till 17.00.

• 02.10.2015 Seed packets participants on race day from will be given from 7.00 till 10.00 a.m. in the hall of hotel “ROS”.


Organizing Committee: O.Gonchara 11 Street, Bila Tserkva, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 09100 Department of Physical Education and Sport of Bila Tserkva City Council.

tel. 380446382210

mob. 380674064806

tel. 380446382012


Accommodation for the participants:

The Hotel «Ros»

(Cost of Living 60-65 UAH / person in rooms with no facilities and 100-120 UAH / person in rooms with private facilities. Single, double and triple rooms. The hotel is located in the start-finish line of the marathon road. Stop station "Dendropark Alexandriya». Food is not provided).

The Hotel & Restaurant complex, «Clark» www.klarkhotel.at.ua

(The cost of living in the hostel 85 UAH / person. Triple rooms with private facilities 110 UAH/person, double room - 250 UAH, double HLF Lux room - 400 UAH, single room - 210 UAH. (breakfast for additional cost - 25 UAH).

Located in the "power point" of the marathon road, stop station "Vokzal'na", ( O.Gonchara 1/42 Street). The restaurant is not working now.


from 10-00 to 17-00 - Registration and receiving start-up packages of participants in the hall of the hotel «ROS".

from 18-00 to 20-00 - Dinner in the restaurant complex "Cristall" (for the participants of the marathon that are registered - free). (A warm and friendly atmosphere of communication, entertainment. There will be a special sports menu: pasta, pastries, tea, etc. ).


from 7-00 to 9-30 a.m - letting of individual meals of participants to judge in the hotel lobby, “Ros"

from 7-00 to10 a.m. - receiving the start-up packages in the hall of hotel “ROS".

The registration is not provided in the day of the competition!!!

The tent for changing clothes will be situated between the finish line and the hotel "ROS". Since you register you will have your own number and number for your bags. Then go and dress in the tent, put things into your bag and leave everything in the luggage rooms that are situated on the opposite side from the tents.

9-40 - opening Ceremony.

10-00 start for the race of the 1/3 mile (children 7-9 years).

10-05 start for runners of 2 mile race (children 10-17 years).

10-30 start for the marathon, half-marathon and the race for10 miles.

The location of the food tables:

No1 - personal power;

No2 - dry food (banana, apple, bread, sugar);

No3 - energy sports drink;

No4 - tea;

No5 - water.

You will find refresh stops 200 meters after each food table.

Every athlete that participates in the marathon can have the diploma with his/ her own result after the finish. The diploma will indicate the name and the time of overcoming distance.

11-30 start of the race of 10 fathoms (children 1-6 years).

15-45 lottery for the breast participants numbers. Therefore, keep your start number till the end.

16-00 Closing ceremony of the marathon. Rewarding the winners of the competitions.

Additional help:

Hotels in Bila Tserkva


“Clarck”  http://www.klarkhotel.at.ua

“Shale” http://chalet.in.ua

“Visit” http://vizit-hotel.com.ua/

“Obriy”  http://uahotels.info/hotel/Otel-CHervona-ruta-Belaya-TSerkov/

"City Park Hotel Bila Tserkva" http://russian.citypark-hotels.com/hotel-bila-tserkva

“Gostinuy dvor” http://hostdvir.com.ua/ua/

“Central”  http://www.hotelcentral.com.ua/

“Sobornuy”  http://www.hotel-sobornuy.com.ua/

“Kyiv”  http://www.hotelkiev.co.ua/

Transportation to the airport «Borispol»:

The bus stop « Ploshad’ Svobody", daily from 6-00 to 16-00 every 2 hours.

Travel to Kiev:

- The bus stop «Ploshad’ Svobody", daily from 5-00 to 20-00 to the «Palace of Ukraine» and Railway Station.

- The bus stop «Hotel-restaurant complex Clark» daily from 5-00 to 20-00.


to the "Regulations of the XII "Bila Tserkva marathon"
The winners of XI "Bila Tserkva marathon" in each age group (separately for men and women) are awarded:



men 18-39 years old I category  and women 18-39 years old


1.      30000UAH                         1. 30000UAH

2.      20000UAH                         2. 20000UAH

3.     10000UAH                         3. 10000UAH

+ 100000UAH for the record of “Bila Tserkva Marathon”


+ 20000UAH for the Ukrainian record



men 18-39 years old I category  and women 18-39 years old


1.      30000UAH                         1. 30000UAH

2.      20000UAH                         2. 20000UAH

3.     10000UAH                         3. 10000UAH

+ 20000UAH for the Ukrainian record


Winners of the men and women races in the II - X categories are awarded with valuable prizes.


Team relay 4x5 kilometers
Team-winners are awarded with valuable prizes.